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About the SuperHeroes ACT

The SuperHeroes formed back in 2016. Most of us were already involved with Camp Quality in some way, shape or form, and it seemed logical that we should form a team to optimise our fundraising efforts for this amazing charity. We raise funds to participate in Camp Quality’s major annual fundraiser – the esCarpade - which is a 3000km outback motoring adventure that takes place in October each year. The event has been running for over 30 years and is the culmination of the fundraising efforts of over 60 entrants. We raise over a $million most years and help CQ to raise awareness of its services and programs all along the east coast.

Over the years we have tried various fundraising endeavours, from movie nights and comedy nights to sports luncheons, magic shows and trivia nights, however the one event that seems to really resonate with people has been the Classic Cruise. We came up with the idea of having the Cruise because it was a nod to the esCarpade and we think it has become such a success because there are a lot of people in our region who love an opportunity to get our and about in their pride and joys in our beautiful city. Doing it for a worthy cause just makes the day that much more rewarding.

Our team comprises 4 esCarpade participants – Ivan & Anna Slavich (aka Thor and Wonder Woman) and Brett & Cathy Norton (aka Iron Man and Super Girl). Our Committee also includes Sam Webster and Peta Barrett and our honorary appointee Paul Powderly from Colliers. All of us are vintage Canberrans and we bring a great mix of skills and connections from our various professional lives. We are all passionate about vehicles – from the very old to the very new - and about the work that Camp Quality does.

Helping us are some long time sponsors without whom we could not do what we do. Colliers International has supported us spectacularly for years, joined by Maliganis Edwards Johnson as our Gold and Platinum sponsors. Media sponsorship comes from Amplify FM, 2CA, 2CC and Win TV, and our Corporate sponsors are OPC, Shannons Insurance, Supercurious, Alliance Leasing and Ductrite.

We genuinely love the Classic Cruise – it’s a great way to show off our city and to see some truly stunning vehicles. We even managed to have a Cruise during Covid (without a family fun day/show and shine of course) where we got to drive down the runway of Canberra Airport!

Since 2016, the SuperHeroes have raised nearly $750,000 overall for Camp Quality. The Cruise itself started with around 80 entrants and raised just over $26,000. Last year we had over 350 entrants and raised nearly $112,000! Canberra represent!

We enjoy meeting like-minded people every year, both regular and new, who love to have a bit of fun and a sausage or two!

We’d love you to help us make 2024 our best year yet! We’d love to crack $1 million